Advanced Wound Care

Cutimed®Advanced Woundcare Site

JOBST ®Comprifore – Multilayer compression system for effective venous leg ulcer therapy.

Cutimed® Off-Loader & Cutimed® Off-Loader Select – Total Contact Cast System

NEW CutimedSorbact® Gel – Available February 2012 – Sorbact® bacteria binding action in a hydrogel impregnated dressing

Cutimed®Sorbact® – Innovative microbe binding action for wound care. The right choice for every wound.

Cutimed®Sorbact®WCL – The innovative wound contact layer with microbe binding action.

Cutisorb®Ultra – Innovative 5-layer super absorbent wound dressing.

Cutimed®Foam – The sterile wound dressing for moderate to high exudate level.

Cutimed®Gel – Hydrogel impregnated wound dressing.

Cutimed®Protect – Medical skin protection.

Cutimed®Acute – The Dry Skin Specialist - Urea–based skin care.
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