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Acute irrigation is a standard practice for Emergency Departments and Urgent Care Centers. BSN medical is proud to be the exclusive distribution arm for Splash Medical which offers state of the art disposable devices for irrigating wounds, eyes, abscesses and ears. These products offer clinicians and patients time savings, cost savings and better patient care.


SplashCap® is a twist-on wound irrigation shield that allows a clinician to deliver hundreds of milliliters of irrigation fluid directly to a wound in seconds. Features and Benefits Faster wound irrigation - improved productivity and faster turnar...


AbscessCap™ is a twist on abscess irrigation shield that allows a clinician to easily irrigate wounds below the surface of the skin. Features and Benefits Protruding nozzle - allows penetration below the surfaceOne-handed probingBreak up loculati...


EyeCap™ is a twist-on eye irrigation shield that allows fast and easy eye irrigation. Use EyeCap™ for immediate eye irrigation at triage, by EMS or for occupational splash injuries. EyeCap™ can serve as a bridge to other irrigation methods that...


The EarCap™ has a built-in reservoir for high volume irrigation, and built-in catch basin to keep the mess under control and to "see what you get" to measure success. How it Works The EarCap™ is part of the SplashCap® product line th...


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