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Leukomed® is a sterile, soft and stretchable non-woven dressing with absorbent wound pad. Leukomed®’s wound pad has a good absorption capacity allowing for long intervals of dressing changes and provides secure handling of wound fluid. The skin f...

Leukomed® Sorbact®

Leukomed® Sorbact® surgical dressing not only helps protect a wound from external contamination, but its bacteria-binding Sorbact® contact layer helps reduce colonization of harmful microbes. Sorbact® with its physically binding surface character...

Leukomed® T

Leukomed® T is a sterile, transparent and waterproof polyurethane film dressing. This dressing is permeable to water vapor and oxygen; therefore, reducing the risk of maceration. The transparent film protects the wound site even during showering or ...

Leukomed® T Plus

Leukomed® T Plus combines the best of a waterproof, bacteria proof film dressing with an absorbent island wound pad. The transparent polyurethane film of Leukomed® T Plus is waterproof and bacteria proof, which protects the wound site even during s...


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