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Cutimed® Acute
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Cutimed® ACUTE is a cream mousse which brings valuable relief to dry-skin sufferers and simple, practical assistance to their healthcare professionals. This high quality range of urea-based products offers medical skin care and protection for all types of dry skin, particularly stressed or elderly skin. The easy application method of Cutimed® ACUTE cream mousse helps patients and professionals in the clinic.  Cutimed® ACUTE comes in three dermatologically-tested and colourant-free formats to offer versatile, reliable and effective hydration for a spectrum of skin conditions.

  • Absorbs rapidly, penetrates deeply
  • Rebalances skin moisture levels
  • Re-establishes epidermal barrier function
  • Foam mousse is gentle to apply
  • Leaves skin smooth and supple
  • Does not leave greasy residue
  • Matches urea concentration to patient's needs


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