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JOBST® offers a variety of bandaging systems designed to allow the optimal management of edema. Bandages help reduce swelling and stabilize the size of the limb before being measured and fit for the JOBST® compression garment. 

JOBST® Compri2

The new JOBST® Compri2 is a 2-Layer Bandage System specifically designed for easy application. It provides graduated and reliable compression for up to seven days to help achieve effective edema reductions and heal the wound while skin stays dry and...

JOBST® Comprifore

JOBST® Comprifore is multilayer compression system containing all the components necessary to deliver effective edema management of venous leg ulcers. The Cutimed® Sorbact® Wound Contact Layer coated with Sorbact® provides bacteria- binding actio...


Gelocast is a stiff gauze bandage coated with zinc oxide gel to manage chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) including venous ulcers through improved venous haemodynamics by providing almost no resting and high working pressure. Impregnated with zinc o...


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