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JOBST® Elvarex® Plus
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JOBST® Elvarex® Plus was developed to treat Lymphatic diseases in the lower and upper extremities more successfully. With its unique 3D knitting technology and seamless processing the innovative flat knitting supply provides your patients maximum comfort and makes the treatment simple and easy. JOBST® Elvarex® Plus helps to overcome the usual restrictions and open your customers new to opportunities.

  • Maximum range of motion without chafing or pressure points
  • Outstanding wear comfort and high wear resistance
  • Ideal anatomical fit that wears like a second skin with 3D knitting technology
  • Great fit between the fingers with exclusive "knit-to-shape" zones at these sensitive areas
  • Made with JOBST® Elvarex® material

For more information on how to purchase, visit JOBST-USA.com

Need training on this product? Register for an Advanced Elvarex workshop in a city near you at the JOBST Compression Institute


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