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FLA Arm/Elbow Products

From arm slings to elbow supports, FLA design and material innovations combine essential stability with flexibility and comfort for successful therapy and optimum compliance. Many of our arm products feature our versatile Y-tab hook fasteners and str...

FLA Ankle Products

FLA supports ankle and foot patients with a host of design and functional innovations that enhance therapeutic results and pain relief. Doctors and patients alike will appreciate the advanced knitting structure developed by BSN-JOBST experts for our ...

FLA Back/Lumbar/Abdomen/Ribs Products

The FLA range of lumbar products offers a choice of clever features that enhance convenience, comfort and support and give prescribers the options they need to optimize therapy and compliance. These products help with pain relief and trunk support ra...

FLA Cervical Products

The FLA range of cervical products offers more than just reliable support for the neck. It is also specifically designed for convenience. The foam component of several products is pre-shaped for a more comfortable, anatomical fit. Another plus for co...

FLA Foot Products

Your foot is very complex and extremely functional. It maintains the balance of the leg and body and acts as a lever that stabilizes and lifts your body’s weight in order to move forward. Most foot problems occur as a result of mistreatment, such a...

FLA Knee Products

FLA knee products are second to none, with our 3D Knits support typical of the excellent quality of the range. Advanced knitting structure provides support and compression for weak or injured joints/muscles, to help promote the healing process. Featu...

FLA Shoulder Products

FLA Orthopedics' comprehensive range of should products strikes the perfect balance -- between reliable rigidity and a comfortable, customizable fit. Products with non-crease, non-stretch foam straps and longitudinal seams hold the arm securely in pl...

FLA Thumb/Finger/Hand Products

Hands are normally in constant use, so fast therapy and user-friendly products are crucial for patient compliance. The FLA range ticks these boxes with material innovations like the unique advanced knitted structure that delivers targeted compression...

FLA Wrist Products

Your wrist is the joint between the two bones of the lower arm (radius and ulna) and the five bones of the hand and is made up of eight carpal bones. The muscles and tendons attached to all these bones allow you to rotate your wrist, as if screwing i...


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