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SafetySplint™ is a unique, strong and durable unpadded splint which allows you to control the amount of cushion between the patient and the splint. The unique liner does not require gloves and allows for easy removal for dressing changes. Fibergla...

Sof-Rol® Rayon

Sof-Rol® is a highly absorbent material suitable for use around wounds. This soft natural material creates a comfortable undercast surface for either synthetic or natural casting materials. Highly absorbent Easy application...

Specialist® 100

Specialist® 100 has the product features cotton users desire. The soft, 100% cotton material feathers and self-bonds to create a smooth undercast surface. Specialist® 100 is hand-tearable and applies easily. Excellent cohesion allows for custom pad...


Specialist® Plaster of Paris uses a time-tested formula and manufacturing process that produces a consistent plaster that is uniformly coated and adhered to the gauze. This unique formula offers minimal plaster loss to ensure maximum strength and a ...


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