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The easy to handle and extremely versatile splinting systems provide quick setting times and ultra-conformability. Available fiberglass and polyester, they fulfill the demands of modern users for fast, secure and easy splinting solutions.  

Ortho-Glass® Comfort

ORTHO-GLASS® Comfort is taking synthetic splinting to the next level. Offering a completely water resistant solution, practitioners and cast techs can be assured that it's patients will have the highest level of comfort and hygiene with the low...


ORTHO-GLASS® is an easy to handle and extremly versatile splinting system. Its quick setting time and ultra conformability fulfills the demands of modern users for a fast, secure and easy splinting solution. ORTHO-GLASS® – your unique ...


SafetySplint™ is a unique, strong and durable unpadded splint which allows you to control the amount of cushion between the patient and the splint. The unique liner does not require gloves and allows for easy removal for dressing changes. Fibergla...


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