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Hands are normally in constant use, so fast therapy and user-friendly products are crucial for patient compliance. The FLA range ticks these boxes with material innovations like the unique advanced knitted structure that delivers targeted compression and softness around the thumb. Other unique FLA features include a smart, slip-on design that makes it easy for patients to take their product on and off with just one hand, and adjustable diagonal thumb straps for more effective stabilization.

Range Highlights at a Glance:

  • Advanced knitted structure developed by BSN-JOBST for targeted compression in the elbow area
  • Especially soft Motion Comfort Zone in the elbow crease and pressure-free cuffs for maximum comfort
  • Smart slip-on construction for taking on and off with one hand
  • Design allows free movement of the fingers for excellent integration in the patient's routine
  • Adjustable diagonal thumb strap for effective stabilization

To view all FLA Thumb/Finger/Hand Products and ordering information, visit FLAorthopedics.com.


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