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FLA knee products are second to none, with our 3D Knits support typical of the excellent quality of the range. Advanced knitting structure provides support and compression for weak or injured joints/muscles, to help promote the healing process. Features a unique design for optimal fit and breathable, light weight material for comfortable wear.

Range Highlights at a Glance:

  • Advanced knitting structure for gradient compression and increased stability
  • Motion Comfort Zone in the popliteal area for a soft, virtually pressure-free fit
  • Pressure-free, non-slip cuffs for constriction-free therapy
  • Breathable neoprene-free AirFlow™ material
  • Front wrap-around closures for quick and easy application to tender joints
  • Polycentric medical and lateral steel hinges for full flexion without hyperextension

To view all FLA Knee Products and ordering information, visit the Knee section of FLAorthopedics.com.


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