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FLA Shoulder Products
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FLA Orthopedics' comprehensive range of should products strikes the perfect balance -- between reliable rigidity and a comfortable, customizable fit. Products with non-crease, non-stretch foam straps and longitudinal seams hold the arm securely in place to immobilize the shoulder and enhance patient comfort, particularly in the neck area. Other intelligent design features also help avoid unilateral strain on the neck, for example by ensuring even weight distribution across both shoulders. Patients will appreciate the added comfort of a customizable fit, extra padding and soft foam materials lined with skin-friendly terry cloth.

Range Highlights at a Glance:

  • Non-crease, non-stretch foam straps with longitdunical seams for limiting rotation and abduction as well as providing comfort
  • Versatile Y-tab hook fasteners for a customized fit and optimal positioning
  • Even weight distribution for spreading the burden across both shoulders
  • Additional, washable axilla pads for easy hygiene and extra comfort
  • Flexible buckle closure system for quick and easy adjustment to fit the patient

To view all FLA Shoulder Products and ordering information, visit FLAorthopedics.com.


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