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JOBST® Comprifore
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JOBST® Comprifore is multilayer compression system containing all the components necessary to deliver effective edema management of venous leg ulcers. The Cutimed® Sorbact® Wound Contact Layer coated with Sorbact® provides bacteria- binding action that reduces wound bioburden and inflammation that can delay wound healing.

  • Provides sustained graduated compression of 40 mmHg for up to 7 days
  • Insures compliance and cost effectiveness
  • Proven safe and allows easy application
  • Provides consistent compression and results of the gold standard of care
  • Contains Cutimed Sorbact WCL that binds ans inactivates bacteria
  • Available in both a Lite version for patients with either smaller ankles or lower ABI and a Latex Free version for those sensitive to latex.

Please refer to the product label and / or package insert for full instructions on the safe use of these products.


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