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JOBST® Elvarex®
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For over 50 years, BSN-JOBST has successfully produced medical, flat-knitted compression stockings. This is in part thanks to the company’s high degree of innovation. Today, treatment with Elvarex® is a part of standard, successful compression therapy for the treatment of lymphoedema. The scale of the product range allows for products to be perfectly adapted to individual patient needs, from gloves to foot caps.

  • Excellent breathability for comfort and patient compliance
  • Flat-knit structure bridges skin folds instead of working into them
  • Latex core allows garment to return to original shape for extended wear
  • Functional zones at the elbow, knee and thigh to improve fit and comfort
  • Seven compression classes for optimal therapeutic outcomes
  • Vast product assortment covers a diverse range of specifications and requirements of patients

For more information on how to purchase, visit JOBST-USA.com.

Need training on this product? Register for an Advanced Elvarex workshop in a city near you at the JOBST Compression Institute


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