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Trusted Products for Every Wound

From the company that invented surgical tapes, our wide range of adhesive and non-adhesive fixation dressings, film dressings, and fabric adhesive dressings offer more comfort and proven longer wear times. 

Integrated Therapy Solutions for Acute Wounds

Cuticell® Contact

Cuticell® Contact – impressively wound calming. Cuticell® Contact is a silicone wound contact layer that has a perforated transparent structure and is highly conformable. This makes Cuticell® Contact an effective primary wound dressing for advanced wound management.

Fixomull® Transparent

Waterproof dressing fixation needs to provide reliable adhesion, be simple to use, comfortable to wear and above all, protect the primary wound dressing. Available on a roll, Fixomull Transparent is a non-sterile film which protects dressings from contamination while allowing the skin to breathe. Patients can bathe or even go swimming with Fixomull Transparent securely covering their wound dressings.

Cover-Roll® Stretch

Cover-Roll® Stretch is a self-adhesive, non-woven tape for wide area dressing fixation. It can be easily cut to the required shape and size and is particularly useful over joints and on extremeties.


Cover-Roll is a wide area adhesive fixation dressing. This dressing retains the primary dressing on small to large wound sites and is ideal to use on areas of body not requiring flexibility.


Produced from viscose and polyamide, Easifix retention bandage is soft, lightweight and porous, providing excellent conformability and secure fixation of wound dressings.


Adhesive fabric dressings for flexible comfort that stretches with every movement. Coverlets are strong and durable dressings that protect everyday minor injuries. The dressings remain securely in place due to the use of a reliable rubber adhesive and are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.


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