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BSN medical Offers an Integrated Solution for Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Total contact casting is accepted as the Gold Standard for off-loading diabetic foot ulcers. When managing a DFU the clinical goal is to create an optimal environment that supports active wound healing. Proper wound bed preparation is essential to successful wound healing. Removing bacteria with bacterial binding technology, rebuilding tissue with innovative collagen dressing and reducing pressure with a truly rigid total contact cast are all essential to successful wound healing. That is why Cutimed Off-Loaders Select (a truly rigid total contact cast), is the clinicians best clinical approach when combined with Sorbact® Technology and Cutimed Epiona Native Collagen Dressings. Cutimed Off-Loader Select in conjunction with BSN advanced wound dressings provide natural healing simplified. Learn More

Integrated Therapy Solutions for Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Cutimed® Sorbact® Hydroactive B

For removal of necrotic tissue and infection management. This innovative hydropolymer gel dressing is for the removal of nectrotic tissue and infection management. It provides unparalled performance of absorbency with balanced hydration. Cutimed Hydroactive B featuring Sorbact® binds bacteria and renders it inert, versus killing like other silver and antimicrboials, which allows for natural wound healing. Combined, these features promote autolytic debridement, reduce the bacterial load, and offer fast, effective wound healing.

Cutimed ® Epiona

Cutimed ® Epiona provides a three dimensional scaffold made of a natural structure of collagen that is highly identical to human collagen to create ideal healing conditions for stalled and chronic wounds.

Cutimed® Siltec

Cutimed® Siltec® provides a smart pore structure in which exudate is absorbed vertically, allowing for less maceration. The silicone wound contact layer protects surrounding skin and allows atraumatic dressing changes. In addition, above the foam core is a layer of super-absorbent particles which ensures reliable fluid absorption and fluid retention, even under compression.

Cutimed® Off-Loader Select

This truly, rigid total contact casting system is the gold standard for off-loading. Evidence based management guidelines including consensus documents agree that the Total Contact Cast (TCC) System is the Gold Standard of Care for off-loading, which is required for the healing of diabetic foot ulcers.

JOBST® SensiFootTM

This diabetic sock provides comfort and protection in every step. Its non-irritating, smooth toe seam reduces pressure and irritation while the extra padding in the foot, heel and toes reduces friction and provides extra comfort and protection.


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