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Closing wounds. Together.

Whether its a venous leg ulcer, diabetic foot ulcer, or other chronic wounds, Cutimed wound management product range provides an integrated management pathway with options for debridement, infection and exudate management, tissue rebuilding, and medical skin care.

Integrated Therapy Solutions for Other Chronic Wounds

Cutimed® Sorbact® Hydroactive B

This innovative hydropolymer gel dressing is for the removal of nectrotic tissue and infection management. It provides unparalled performance of absorbency with balanced hydration. Hydroactive B featuring Sorbact® technology, binds bacteria and renders it inert, versus killing like other silver and antimicrboials, which allows for natural wound healing. Combined, these features promote autolytic debridement, reduce the bacterial load, and offer fast, effective wound healing.

Cutimed® Siltec

Cutimed® Siltec® provides a smart pore structure in which exudate is absorbed vertically, allowing for less maceration. The silicone wound contact layer protects surrounding skin and allows atraumatic dressing changes. In addition, above the foam core is a layer of super-absorbent particles which ensures reliable fluid absorption and fluid retention, even under compression.

Cutimed ® Epiona

Cutimed® Epiona provides a three dimensional scaffold made of a natural structure of collagen that is highly identical to human collagen to create ideal healing conditions for stalled and chronic wounds.

Cuticell® Contact

Cuticell® Contact is a silicone wound contact layer that has a perforated transparent structure and is highly conformable. This makes Cuticell® Contact an effective primary wound dressing for advanced wound management.

Cutimed® Alginate

Cutimed® Alginate is a calcium sodium alginate (80% calcium and 20% sodium) made out of natural seaweed. The alginate component enables the dressing to absorb up to 20 times its own weight in exudate. Cutimed® Alginate offers a broad performance spectrum, but is particularly useful for moderate to heavily exuding wounds, shallow wounds, lesions with rough edges, or deeper sites that are hard to dress.

Cutimed® Hydro

Cutimed® Hydro is a range of sterile, selfadhesive hydrocolloid dressings including Cutimed® Hydro L, mainly for dry to lightly exuding wounds, and Cutimed® Hydro B for light to moderately exuding wounds. Hydrocolloids absorb exudate to form a gel, which is removed in one piece with the dressing. Cutimed® Hydro dressings promote healing by creating and controlling moist wound conditions.

Cutimed® Acute

Cutimed® ACUTE foam mousse brings effective relief to those suffering from dry skin in a format convenient to apply by patients or their caregivers.Cutimed® ACUTE is available in 3 urea concentrations to manage the spectrum of dry skin conditions from mild to severe.

Cutimed® Protect

All phases of the healing process can benefit from the skin protection provided by Cutimed® Protect. It provides a long lasting protective barrier film that shields skin from external factors working against the skin and wound healing wherever they may be present.


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