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Help Prevent Infection

Never before has the prevention of surgical site infections (SSIs) been more important. There are roughly 300,000 SSIs each year with an average cost of $3,000-$29,000/SSI, unnecessarily costing the US healthcare system an estimated $10B annually. With evidence-based solutions, clinicians are being asked to maximize clinical outcomes and minimize patient care costs*.

*Anderson DJ, etal. Strategies to prevent surgical site infections in acute care hospitals. Infect Control Hosp Epidermiol 2008;29:S51-S61 for individual references.

Therapy Solutions for Post Op

Leukomed® Sorbact®

This innovative cover dressing not only helps to protect a wound from external contamination, but due to its contact layer coated with Sorbact® Technology, helps reduce colonization of harmful microbes.

Leukomed® Control

Absorbent, fully transparent hydropolymer PostOp dressing for wound monitoring. Fully transparent and highly conformable film-hydropolymer dressing allowing for full visualization of wound and creating ideal healing environment for up to seven days, cost-efficient solution for early patient mobilization

Leukomed® T

Leukomed® T is a sterile, water and bacteria proof transparent film dressing. The dressings reliably secure cannula and protect dry wounds.

Leukomed® T Plus

Leukomed T plus is a transparent film dressing with absorbent pad. This ultra thin dressing is a water and bacteria proof allowing patients to resume their everyday activities.


Non-woven wound dressing that is soft, with a highly absorbent dressing pad. Leukomed is a range of sterile dressings for the skin friendly treatment of exuding wounds.


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