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Integrated Therapy Solutions for the Management and Prevention of Venous Leg Ulcers

Remove • Rebuild • Reduce

No two wounds are the same, yet they share one thing; every wound needs the best possible conditions present to allow for its healing. Proper wound bed preparation is essential to successful wound healing. Wound bed preparation includes exudate and bacterial management, edema control and debridement of devitalized tissue. With this therapy approach, BSN medical provides physicians, clinicians and caregivers with a continuum of products to meet the challenges of ulcer management. BSN medical offers a full range of compression bandages and compression stockings to help effectively restore venous flow at any stage of wound healing, while the new Cutimed® advanced wound care range helps to create ideal conditions for wound healing – from autolytic debridement and bacterial binding technology to exudate management. Once the ulcer is healed, JOBST® compression stockings facilitate recurrence prevention. BSN medical provides you with an easy-to-understand therapy approach and a product range covering all needs for effective management. Learn More

Integrated Therapy Solutions for Venous Leg Ulcers

Cutimed® Siltec Sorbact®

Superior Fluid and Infection Management. Cutimed® Siltec Sorbact® is an innovative combination of reliable absorption and effective infection management. The super-absorbent particles within the foam layer effetively adjust to absorb moderate to high, viscous, exudate and retain it even under compression.

Cutimed ®Epiona

Cutimed® Epiona provides a three dimensional scaffold made of a natural structure of collagen that is highly identical to human collagen to create ideal healing conditions for stalled and chronic wounds.

JOBST® Compri2

A 2-Layer Compression Bandage system specifically designed for easy application. It provides graduated and reliable compression for up to seven days to help achieve effective edema reduction and heal the wound while skin stays dry and comfortable.

Medical LegWear

The name JOBST® means effective compression therapy and quality. Our superior brand meets the therapy and aesthetic needs of today's active consumers. JOBST® has the complete range of medical compression garments for the management of venous and lymphatic diseases. Our products are designed with the patient and therapist in mind to offer a comprehensive range of compression products and a variety of services to help improve patient management.


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